Thursday, February 3, 2011

How many blogs does one person need?

In this world of slice and dice niche marketimg, I have resisted breaking myself into to many communication channels. I naively thought, once, that one blog would be enough for me. But then came my buisness and I saw that I needed to have a channel devoted solely to business, focused messaging. My business audience didn't want to hear my political or parenting musings, for example. So I broke off my business content from this blog and reserved it for the "rest" of my life. So then there were two.

Enter visual arts. You may have noticed that I mention quilting in my blogger profile, but never noticed any photos posts of my work. That's about to change. Last summer I decided to focus more of my spare time on my art-- specifically quilting and photography.I joined a guild. I started making pieces in mind with showing them. I started a creative journal. And now, I've started a new blog "My life in stitches," I hope to take readers on my creative journey; post photos, ideas and links that inspire me; and connect with other artists on the web.

So now there are three. Will I need another Twitter account too? I sure hope not, I already have three of those!

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