Friday, April 18, 2008

A flurry of politics and snow

A crash of thunder and down comes the hail that turns to snow. I'm outside with my camera photographing the garden paradox and a door-to-door canvasser engages me in a lively dialog. Why won't I support the DNC with a small contribution?

I counter, "What does my small contribution matter?"

And he says, it will be my fault if McCain wins the White House in November. And if McCain wins, he'll be back knocking on my door to remind me I was photographing flowers in the snow instead of contributing to the DNC.

Shannon comes to the door to see if I need help. He starts up her steps.

"Shut the door!" I tell her. But she's too polite. In a minute she's asking ME for help.

"I told you to shut the door!"

Here's a photo of the event -- minus the politics.