Saturday, March 11, 2017

We Aren't Done Yet

Fear not my friends, the bill isn't really dead, it's just in a statis state until the current legislative session ends.
I had two very positive experiences today. First, I attended the NAMI Eastside children's conference. First off, incredibly well planned and a strong attendance.
Thank you to the Pride Foundation for sponsoring this conference! I hope that has something to do with my outreach earlier this year.
I had to forgo the LGBTQ Gender Diversity session in lieu of hearing the first hour of a presentation by Overlake Specialty School. I am seriously thinking about it as an option for my child, Eli.
I handed out cards with address of the Facebook Support SB 5706 Group. I'm posting the pdf in the group docs. I heard a TON of support from this group of professionals, parents and educators. Parents SHOULD be making medically necessary treatment decisions for the adolescents in crisis!
I couldn't stay because I had to jet out and book it back to Ballard for the 36th Washington State Legilstative Town Hall in the Leif Erikson Lodge! I heard Reuven Carlyle say that 20 years from now we'll look back and wonder why we kept mental health separate from physical health. Visionary!
I told him that I had heard ffrom a Republican Caucus staff member who will be leading a roundtable discussion on the issue in the interim. (Look to this group for news of any dates or actions over the summer.)
The town hall was truely inspiring. There were seats for maybe 400 and there were 100 people standing along the perimeter of the room. Sold out! People are thinking about and questioning the issues.
Carlyle also extolled the crowd to get involved with a cause you care about. Consider yourself ahead of the curve!
Thanks for reading. :)