Sunday, March 26, 2017

Not All Children Learn from Natural Consequences

This article speaks powerfullly to my experience. Some children need extra support and guidance to keep them safe and give them an opportunity to mature enough to live independently. SB 5706 gives parents the ability to help their children when the child doesn't have the ability to help themselves.
The following excerpt gives a good idea of the rest of the article:
"Natural consequences do not work like they do for “normal” kids. A kid on the autism spectrum will NOT necessarily eat if he gets hungry enough. A child with anxiety will NOT necessarily learn from her mistake of forgetting her homework. Instead, she will most likely give in to all of her anxieties and insecurities and just give up completely, berating herself for being such a failure."It might look like we’re coddling our kids. It might look like we’re indulgent helicopter parents. But it is just not that simple. We can’t always just let our kids have free play and learn to resolve their own conflicts, because they don’t react and learn like “normal” kids do."
I once had a King County Designated Mental Health Professional (DMHP) tell me that she agreed that parents of children with certain diagnoses, such as autism, should be automatically given the ability to make mental health decisions for those children.Does this resonate with you?