Monday, February 23, 2015

To the boys at Catalyst RTC

These are the questions I am asking myself right now. Which ones do you connect with?
Am I doing it right?
Is there right to be done?
Is there right in the doing?
What right have I done?
Can I accept my own forgiveness?
What is right for me?
Who am I deep in my core?
What gives my life meaning?
What brings me joy?
Who do I connect with?
What do I feed myself with?
What's important to me?
What do I value?
Where do I want to spend my energy? What makes me happy?
What is my passion?
What is my gift?
What is my responsibility?
What are my goals?
What questions do I ask myself?
Which ones do I need to answer again?
What do I need to do next?
Am I on the right path?
[A special note to E, or any of you who go home before I next see you: this method is a way I find the strength to live as my own person out here. Good wishes!]