Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#barbie says, "Read my Pix."

  • Raise your hand if you hate housework.
  • Raise your hand if you are one of those people who always has (at least) one room of her own in the state of complete disaster.
  • Raise your hand if you'd sell your soul to own a magic wand that would make all of your housework magically disappear.
  • Raise your hand if you've tried Mrs. PiggleWiggle's Cure for a Messy Room. In real life.

Is there any mother out there who hasn't raised her hand yet?

I'm currently running a series on Instagram with Naked Barbie doing the laundry. Don't worry, she'll put her clothes on soon, (though I have received positive feedback for her unclothed state).

My plan is to print them all out, post them on the fridge, wave my magic wand and miraculously the kids will start taking care of their chores without my nagging them.

On the other hand, my house is a lot cleaner when I find a way to combine housework and art. Think about it.