Friday, November 9, 2012

Barbie says, "It's Time to do the Laundry!"

Everyone needs to play a little, even moms. The other day I had a huge pile of laundry to do, endless rooms to vacuum, and dishes stacked in the sink to overflowing.

I could simply not motivate myself to get started. I found a Barbie in the laundry pile, began posting some photos of Barbie helping do the laundry on Instagram.

I tagged my photos #IdothissoIwillnotgoInsaneWhiledoingHousework.

When I was a girl, I always loved books with photos of dolls looking like they were alive. I thought I might make an InstaBook... but then I thought why not a YouTube series.

So today I whipped up a little video for Miss's amusement. Will she get motivated to do her chores this weekend?  Doubt it. Will this be the starting of something big? Nah. But I sure had fun taking the pictures, making the video and experimenting with telling a story a different way.

Added plus? My blog post for today practically wrote itself.  Please watch the video and let me know what you think, should I do more?