Monday, July 23, 2012

The Lake's Heartbeat

Where does inspiration arise from? From the sun and the lake, of course.

In the summer of the north woods, there's usually no cause for air conditioning. Morning fires to take off the chill are more the norm.

But today, like everywhere else this summer, it was hot. A 90 degree wind came out of the northwest blowing us dry all day.

We took turns in the hammock. Sitting by the water in the deep shade we tried to read, but mostly ended up napping.

Projects were started and abandoned. In and out of the lake we went in a fruitless effort to keep cool. Even the M&Ms could not withstand the heat and melted.

At sunset I coaxed Son into the water. We swam out with the paddle board and splashed and played as the sky turned from blazing peach, to coral, then purple.

The first star appeared. He borrowed my towel. I faced the wind and let it blow through me.  The waves rolled and splashed to shore, surrounding us with the lake's heartbeat.