Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Rain

Even the rain won't stop me from swimming.

Something that the Pacific Northwest and Northern Michigan have in common is the  mornings in July that require a fire. Even on warmer days, evenings cool to provide natural air conditioning for good sleeping. Local children in both regions will not let rain stop them from having outdoor summer fun.

Today was a rare rainy morning. It started out slow while we all buried our noses in our screens. Friends dropping by in early afternoon stirred things up and everyone gathered around the dining room table to play Eucher and Uno. Was it a small miracle that all our screens were off, we were all indoors and we were playing cards? Together!

By mid-afternoon we were all stir crazy, and rain or no, people headed outside. In Seattle children will play in the 55 degree Sound in 68 degree weather. In Michigan it's swimming and skiing in water that's warmer than the air and rain that won't stop.

Near sunset the skys cleared just as they often do back home and I took my second swim of the day. How delicious it was to dry off in front of a beach fire. The only thing missing today was s'mores. Unfortunately someone (all of us) ate up the last of the chocolate bars.