Monday, July 16, 2012

Showing up

Some days the best I can do it to show up. It doesn't always mean that I don't have anything to offer.  It can be because I don't have ideas, yes. But more likely it's that I don't have the drive to get them down.

I've been posting a new blog post everyday now for 15 days. It's no wonder that today I'm having an attitude problem.  Two half-baked ideas rumble around in my brain. One is artist/editor/agent -- which my editor has shut down before much writing got invested (don't have the audience for it yet). Another failed post is boredom vs. inertia. No great story to illustrate my point came to mind there.

In fact I don't have much of a story to tell today except it's above 90, I spent a long time talking to mom and then dad, made pizza on the grill and even swimming all day didn't successfully cool  anyone down.

On days like today, just putting something down in any form of writing feels like enough. If I didn't have this blog-a-day challenge I'd set for myself, there would be a blank entry where today's post should be.

I will meditate on the Pine Warbler, who finding her chick had fallen prematurely out of the nest, spent two days guarding it and feeding it until it could fly. That bird embodied showing up!