Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Middle of Nowhere

Today we took a road trip up to the U.P. Mother likes to say it's like going to another country without needing a passport. Son says it's more like the middle of nowhere. I'm just hoping to see a moose.

We planned to stay overnight in Paradise. Unfortunately when we got there the whole town was shut down: four hours without power. Much to the irritation of the business owners, the power company couldn't say why it was out or when it would be back up.

When you live in the middle of somewhere four hours without power is an inconvenience. When you live in Paradise, it's a near disaster.

Without power the phones don't work, you can't make room keys, you can't process credit card sales, cook meals, pump water from the well, flush the toilet or check in new guests. The manager sent us 40 miles down the road to the next nearest town where she hoped we'd be able to find a room.

Fortunately the gas station had a generator, because with less than an eighth of a tank we would have been stuck in Paradise if we hadn't been able to gas up.

On the way to the next town, we drove to Whitefish Point where the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in '75. The beach was covered with beautiful granite rocks polished into eggs and ovals by powerful Lake Superior storms.

Later a "short" loop trail at Taquahmenon Falls (see Longfellow's Hiawatha) turned out to be nearly an hour's walk. We ate dinner at a restaurant where they had examples of all the local animals (including a wolverine) stuffed and mounted on the walls.

I have yet to try a pasty (a meat pie that lumberjacks used to carry for their lunches), but there's always tomorrow. I promise I'll eat one if I see a moose!