Monday, July 30, 2012


Ever notice how the tension builds before a storm? Hours, even days before, the air outside starts feeling stuffy, adults are easily irritated and children restless or bored.
Everytime I visit my parent's summer place, I notice a sweet saddness growing in me as the day to leave draws near.
I could not feel the storm clouds gathering far across Lake Michigan. But I could feel the wind changing. Blowing a hot embrace I felt pushing me, pressing me to go.
This afternoon  I sat on the dock trying to breathe in all that I could of this place. Soak in the sunshine as if I'd never see it again.
Soon the storm was building across our lake. Weather Bug was consulted. Yes, a big one was on the way.
There is never enough time to do it all. I didn't visit the nearby village. Didn't catch up with the neighbors. Didn't have that talk with Dad. Never managed an adventure with Brother.
We prepared by covering the grill, bringing in the towels, battening the hatches. I walked out to the point to watch until the rain began and lightening was overhead.
There is comfort knowing I may return again next summer with another chance to soak it all in. But I also know that nothing ever stays the same and next year there will be a new list of life undone.
Tomorrow, as sure as tonight's thunder rolled along the hills shaking my bed with its rocking beat, we will leave and the weather will change. But for tonight, even the front's passing does little to relieve the pressure I feel inside as I turn my face homeward.