Monday, July 2, 2012


I left a post "resting" back in Seattle.  Feeling guilty because blogs are intended to be chronological, aren't they? Funny, my life insights rarely are. Musing one day about my children when they were small, the next diving deep into trying to comprehend the now.

So pardon me if I record this moment out of context, but all else falls away as I shed my clothes, allow my hair to do as it pleases, and sit on the beach of my winter dreams.

When leaving drew near, and the chores of packing myself and the children, buying sunscreen and swimsuits, canceling the paper and holding the mail, cleaning the house so it does not weigh on my return; all threatened, like an evening thunderstorm, to blow away my best intentions. In my mind's eye, as I underwent the departure ritual, I held onto the vision of my better self -- eating right and exercising, writing and creating art, doing yoga and meditating.

Now as I sit by the lake and listen to the waves, I find myself sinking into the gentle, refreshing embrace of this place. Urging me to soften inside, wash away my will, and bask in the beauty of this sacred space.