Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Bird

It's not everyday you get up close and personal with a Pine Warbler. They are usually flying high up in the tree canopy.
Would you believe me if I told you this Pine Warbler wanted its picture taken?

It started when we discovered a baby bird fallen from its nest. We were just explaining to children that the best course of action was to leave it alone when the adult birds swooped in and started scolding ,"Leave our chick alone!"

I wanted to take a picture but Son told me that I needed to keep my distance. As you might imagine we watched the adults feeding the baby for quite a long while. As evening came Miss worried that the chick would not survive the night.

Next morning we found the family safe and sound in a less trafficed area. The following day we found the chick being urged to climb a tree by its parent who perched nearby. It was facinating to watch as the tiny bird struggled to grasp the bark and flutter to gain a higher foothold before giving up.

The following day I decided to quietly observe the feeding ritual. By this time the parents had decided that we were no threat and came and went freely. I was just getting up to leave when an adult flew in with a nice, fat inchworm in its beak. After feeding the chick, it flew to a branch closer to me, then hopped along the ground until it was practically at my feet!

I snapped picture after picture until the bird looked at me one last time and flew away. Next day the chick flew and the family was gone. I am left with no doubt that the bird came closer to see me for who I am and to acknowledge our shared experience. I hope I was not found lacking.

Dear Reader, have you sat quietly outside and communicated unexpectedly with a wild bird or animal? Please tell me your story in the comments.