Monday, June 18, 2012

Clearing the Way

A modern ode for the journey of Jean, Heather and Joelle

Her house is filled with poems begging to be spoken
The hallway filled with papers and art, photos and books collected through their childhoods

We make way through four lives of snug chaos so that the walker may pass safely
Underneath roil the tense calculations of unfinished assignments, hours of service, margins of error

Her husband appears, his sock not quite reaching the laundry basket I just filled
Noting procrastination of others while blind to the logs he has yet to remove from the walkway

A flurry of motes released as we vacuum nests of dust bunnies and kittens, dog hair and ancient dander
Blue iris poems on the surface entreat us to free ourselves

A banister, a sidewalk, the path from the door, all cleared with waiting respite
For a mother arriving on a sacred journey to witness this daughter’s transition

A pause to watch sweet Olivia reciting her poem for the Queen then back to
Wipe the coal dust on a door’s molding revealed for this occasion

One must walk alone wet and newly hatched, the other she must steady
No sweeping or moving or pleading can guarantee safe passage

Time for abeyance is past and the gifts are all purchased
Time sweeping her forward while she sets a course towards her new horizon

In the space between then and now, she holds steady
As mothers and daughters together find their way along this new, untraveled path

June 15, 2012