Saturday, October 20, 2007

Made in China

This summer I told my daughter she couldn't suck on toys that were made in China. I tried to explain about lead poisoning – "they have paint that makes you stupid." We also discussed a little bit about the global economic implications of wages, supply and demand.
I never dreamed she'd turn it into a Made in China Scavenger Hunt. She goes around the house on a whim chanting: made in china, made in china. And starts reading the labels of everything. Toys, basically all of them. Her bathroom drinking cup, yes. My Monet Water Lilies umbrella, check. Her lunch box, the Monopoly game, her bedside lamp, yep. Wait a minute, my bra is made in Tunisia!
Perhaps it's because she's an emerging reader that she gets such glee in seeing the recognizable slogan in so many places. But it's given me pause, since I never see Made in the US on anything. Do you?